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Apple has changed the usage of technology by offering innovative products and solutions at regular intervals. Services of Apple are way upfront than their competitors. Some of the services which Apple has moved into include cloud computing service for saving anything to everything across web, mail services for sending and receiving mails across any part of the world, develop and deploy apps exclusively for Apple, and varied range of other premium services which makes users of this service stand distinct from others.

Apple Safari Customer Service Provides Step By Step Assistance :-

How To Enable Cookies In Apple Safari On Iphone?

Cookies are nothing but a piece of information that is stored in any of the system. By enabling cookies one can have instant access to any of the websites. Users can get in touch with Apple Customer Service or go through the below mentioned tutorial to enable cookies.

Steps To Enable Cookies In Apple Safari On Iphone:

  • Users can first of all open the iPhone and then they can tap on “Settings” icon from there.
  • When landed to the settings section users can tap on the “Safari” menu.
  • Users can then visit the “Privacy and Security” section and then tap on “Block Cookies” option from there.
  • Users can then tap on “Always Allow” from the preferred cookies settings list.
  • Users can now open any websites which will automatically enable cookies in their iPhone device.

How To Unlock Icloud?

Almost all the services of Apple work with iCloud. So it is necessary that iCloud is working effectively all the time. Direct assistance can be offered from Apple Technical Support team if the users are unable to unlock their iCloud and the users with sound technical knowledge can go through the below mentioned tutorial and get their things done.

Steps to unlock iCloud:

  • First thing which users will need to do is visit the Official iCloud Activation Lock Removal.
  • The next thing which users can do is locate the IMEI code of their device simply by visiting the settings options.
  • Users can send the IMEI code to the customer care authorities
  • Finally users can wait for sometimes to get the confirmation in the email which will be stating Activation Lock has been removed. Users can now enjoy uninterrupted cloud services and get their things done instantly.

How To Fix Apple Router Is Blinking Orange Issue?

Users’ router will not work if their router is blinking orange. For fixing such type of issue users can either contact Apple Helpline Number or go through the below mentioned tutorial and get the issue resolved.

Steps to fix the issue:

  • First of all users can press the reset button which is available at the back of the router.
  • When done then users can reconfigure the router settings.
  • Finally users can make sure that they are getting the internet from their desired ISP.
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