Improved And Updated Version Of Adobe Flash Player

Adobe flash player is the application software that every system needs in order to play any video online.So the application is now available with the better updates in the market which has removed almost all the issues that adobe flash player earlier use to have.It has released total 7 updates along with 5 security bulletins.

Talking about the vulnerabilities that this application earlier have are explained below:-

  • There were total 7 critical updates for the flash player on mac, windows, linux and chrome
  • Which are named as CVE-2017-3058, CVE-2017-3059, CVE-2017-3062, CVE-2017-3063, CVE-2017-3060, CVE-2017-3061 and CVE-2017-3064
  • The adobe flash player team felt the need to update the application since the application use to have 47 critical issues that were appearing on both i.e on mac and windows versions.
  • And these bugs if not dealt properly could even lead to the code execution and memory address leaks.

Now the updated version has improved on the following issues:-

  • Its photoshop software has received the admiration from the users, earlier there were two problems with the application i.e the CVE-2017-3004 and CVE-2017-3005.
  • Here the first one deals with the issue of memory corruption that occured because of the malicious PCX files.
  • And the second update addresses a search path that appeared in the photoshop onto the windows version.

The update also dealt with some issues which were not the critical, like the last update that it has got i.e the creative cloud application. So basically this update dealt with the CVE-2017-3006 and CVE-2017-3007 issues, which were not critical in nature.So it is always the duty of the company side to provide the users with the improved and updated version of the application that they are using.

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