How To Tackle Outlook Common Issues Via Outlook Technical Support ?

Outlook is a free personal email service provided by the world renowned company is very easy to manage and search your email, contacts, and calendar and keep up with social networks with Outlook. It is now available as an app also for your android or IOS mobile phones.

Following Are The Solutions Of Outlook Issues Given By Outlook Customer Service :- 

How To Fix Outlook Closes Unexpectedly ?

  • Due to some bugs and add-ins it can occur a few times where your outlook crashes all of a sudden
  • Open outlook in safe mode, if it works fine then the problem is with your device’s firewall or anti-virus software.
  • Go into Outlook’s Trust Center and disable any suspected add-ins.
  • Start outlook normally

If the problem persists then you probably need to contact Outlook Customer Service.

How To Fix Synching Problems Of Outlook On Any Device ?

  • It can occur at few times wherein the emails on one device do not show up on the other.
  • You can either manually copy the PST file from one device to the other.
  • Whichever device has all the emails, you can copy its PST to the other manually and then try restarting Outlook.
  • Or you can switch to IMAP protocol settings that synchs the mail on the server with the mail in Outlook.

Outlook Technical Support should be contacted if the problem is not fixed after employing the following means.

How To Fix The Issue Of Spam Mails Being Sent From Outlook Account ?

  • Sometimes due to certain malware and bugs your email account starts sending out spam mails and you may not even know that such a thing is happening.
  • Never forget to log out of your account when you are done using outlook.
  • Never ever forget to log out especially when you are using a public device.
  • Try changing your password.
  • Scan your device with a premium anti-virus software to eliminate the apprehensions of malware and infections that can cause such problems.

If it is still not fixed you should immediately contact the Outlook Support using Outlook Helpline Phone Number because Outlook might suspend your account if it keeps sending spam mails.


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