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TP link is an extremely reliable networking device which is typically used to spread the internet service by using a variety of devices like (PC, Tablet, Mobile phone) and more. There are several users across the world who are utilizing this networking device in order to increase the speed of internet so that users can be able to navigate the browser pretty fast.

TP link is very easy to install and configure by an ordinary user with the basic knowledge of troubleshooting for any complex issue. However, in case the users confront with any issue while installing and configuring router device, at that moment developed and established TP link proficients are always available to enlist the best ways to fix the issue in the nick of the time.

All those users who are getting frustrated with some common issues related to the router as they are unable to resolve them due to lack of knowledge. Therefore, by using this content user will get few common issues which occurred on the router.

Step By Step Procedure Offered By Tp Link Router Customer Service :-

How To Change The Password Of TP Link Router?

  • Start the router and check its user manual option and move to the next.
  • Click to download button for the electronic version of the manual.
  • Locate the IP address with a TCP/IP software and then go to the setting of the TP link router.
  • Here a user may know the default password and username for the router.
  • Enter the old password and then enter the new password in the both field finally.

By using above-mentioned steps a user can change the password, But if he unfortunately, forgot the password then one can visit TP Link Router Customer Service center which is always available to help users at any time.

How To Set-Up A Wireless Tp Link Router?

  • First of all, connect the router to the modem and then connect any devices a user want a hard wired with CAT 5 Ethernet cables.
  • Power on the router and then creates the wi-fi router and the device will be connected to the router's wi-fi connection.
  • Then go to the internet service provider website and then click to the start the internet service now.

Despite setup the router in case any user faces unthinkable glitches with the router then he may contact TP Link Router Technical Support techies to obtain the relevant solution any any rate and at any time of day and night.

How To Configure A Laptop To A Wireless Tp Link Router?

  • When a user needs to connect his Laptop to the Wireless router, he must have to configure a Laptop to a wireless router lets see how it works.
  • On the Windows XP Laptop, look on the right of the taskbar and then select the wireless network.
  • Now open Control Panel in the Start Menu, and click network and internet option.
  • Click to the network and then set the IP to the router and laptop, should be matched with the same IP range.
  • If IP replying with the laptop and router which means now laptop has connected with the router.

With the best quality and features TP link is huge capable to produce the Wi-Fi connection among the several users who can have the fast and error free internet service. But when the users face some errors with the router then they need to dial TP Link Router Helpline Number which is available 24 by 7 and fix out the issue at the correct time.So feel free to call techies at any time by using above mentioned number.

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