How To Allow Youtube To Be Accessed In Google Chrome Web Browser ?

YouTube is a common name known by all of us which is designed and developed by Google incorporation. Many of the users are joining on google chrome day by day as additional members. In the night many of the people wish to see the videos in very deem light i.e. dark mode. There is a procedure of making changes in the setting to get such feature. YouTube works as google, means whatever you search over YouTube, you will certainly get results to watch. There are many multiple settings and many technical terms confined with the YouTube which are quite difficult to understand by all people. If being a user you wish to enable the dark mode via google chrome browser, you will be require to follow the desire steps.

Hierarchy Of Enabling Dark Mode On In Youtube Via Chrome Browser:

  • First of all access the chrome developer tools.
  • Now in this step user have to console the tab and click it.
  • Again it is needed to paste the following command into the console, then press enter.
  • Close the developer tools and refresh the page.
  • After completion of refresh you will certainly get a bit different design.
  • Now hit over the YouTube profile image, click on the section entitled Dark mode.

In the middle of any complication users are advised to call on YouTube Phone Number +1 650-253-0000 any time round the clock. 

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