How to Create Shared Calendar in Outlook

How to Create Shared Calendar in Outlook ?

Making a shared calendar in Outlook is an easy procedure. But not all are aware of the required process involved in making a calendar. You only require any email id to make this calendar. Here are the steps as follows:-

  • First open the Outlook app and then enter your email id as well as password

  • Now tap on Calendar

  • Next swipe down this calendar

  • Now tap on a date

  • After that top on plus sign and which is located at the right of your screen

  • Now type the event title

  • Next tap on the switch beside the option “All Day”

  • Now tap on the tab named “Time”

  • Now you are supposed to adjust your selection edges

  • Next tap on the check mark

  • Tap on People

  • Now type the name of the contact

  • Now tap on check mark

  • After that tap on Location

  • Now type the location

  • Tap on the check mark option

  • Tap on the switch located next to the button Skype Call

  • Now add any alert as well as description

  • Finally tap on the option Check Mark which will help you share the event to anyone who is in the People tab

Now you can easily make a shared calendar in Outlook. These instructions are really helpful for the ones who do not have a little bit knowledge of making a shared calendar event. 

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