How Users May Connect iPad To iTunes?

It is really easy to sync iPad with iTunes and it is one of the ideal way to manage the applications on the iPad device, especially at the time when the users purchase something from the store of  iTunes.

Here users may see the two different methods for connecting iPad to the iTunes device:-

With The Use Of USB:

  • First users need to open the iTunes application on their computer.
  • It is now need to connect  iPad to the computer using the USB cable.
  • Individuals are now required to wait for  iTunes to recognize the iPad.
  • Tap over the “iPad” that is located in the upper right corner of iTunes.
  • It is now need to click the “Apply” button located at right corner of iTunes
  • Users need to wait for iTunes to inform that the iPad sync is complete.
  •  Tap the “Done", option that would be followed through selecting “Eject” button which is located on the iPad button within iTunes.

By using wireless mode:

  • Users need to click “Settings” on iPad.
  • Click “Wi-Fi” option and then should wait for the iPad to search out all available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Click the name of the same Wi-Fi network with which computer is connected.
  • It is now required to introduce iTunes on the Windows or Mac computer.
  • From now, users should connect  iPad to the computer using the USB cable.
  • Users should click labelled “iPad” that is at the top right corner of iTunes.
  • Tap the tab labelled “Summary".
  • Put check mark next to “Sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi”.
  • It is time to remove iPad from the USB cable that is connected to computer.
  • Users should wait for iTunes to inform that sync between iTunes and  iPad is complete.
  • Tap over “Done”, then should click the “Eject” button.
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