Easy Steps: How To Change Spotify Password

Among all the social media platforms that provide access to listen to songs online without downloading it, Spotify is most popular. A Sweden based company that was founded more than ten years ago Spotify has become quite popular in recent years. Hence if you are also a music lover then you can download and listen to free songs streaming online. To know more about how this application works you can go through below points.

All About Spotify:


1.Spotify basically is an audio website that provide free songs from albums and media companies
2.Its services are basically free of cost with pop up ads and videos as well as improving the quality of the audio
3.If you want to listen song related to any particular genre, album or movie you can search accordingly
4.You can download this application on all types of devices such as android, apple or laptops
5.For additional features you can also pay and become its paid subscribers
6.Most importantly if you are tired of all the repetitive ads then you can even pay and remove them permanently
7.If you have smooth internet service then you can play it on a good speed. But suppose if your internet is not giving you a good speed then Spotify will immediately switch to low speed
8.Anywhere, anytime you can get instant music online
9.Best part of Spotify is that doesn’t matter if you use android or apple, you can get it on all platforms
10.It will auto play songs on loop aNow and even suggest you good songs

Now Know How To Change My Spotify Password By Following these points.


1.Visit the Spotify website
2.Tap on change my password link
3.Enter your current Spotify password
4.Enter your new password
5.Re enter the new password
6.Click on set new password and you are done.

There are many reasons of changing passwords. Suppose if you are paid listener hence keep your password strong to keep your payment details secure. Not only this, keep changing passwords from time to time and never share it with anyone else. Just think of some password that you can easily remember. In case if you forget your password you can reset it with the same procedure. You will get a reset link that you need to enter and create a new password. And as a user I am done with How To Change My Spotify Password. Furthermore contact customer support for any help or doubt.


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