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Google is immensely famous for bringing both creative and security features to your android smart device. Since, your android phone mostly relies on your Google account, it becomes important to keep it secure and avoid losing it to anyone. But there are times when you may not remember the account that you have used to assign into your device. This is where the Google Account Manager app comes in to save you the trouble.

Since, Google has embedded the security features i.e. factory reset protection in its Android devices to ensure their security, forgetting Google account name can be very disappointing. Hence, Google Account Manager helps you to bypass this security feature. Read further to know about its main benefits and find out more details.


Google Account Manager: Overview & Features


Basically, this app helps you to escape factory reset protection or FRP into your smartphone. If you forget your Google account that was used to activate your Android smartphone then you’ll be permanently locked out of it. This is where Google Account Manager app will make things easy for you.

Main Benefits Of Google Account Manager

· It can handle your multiple Google accounts simultaneously.
· Information synchronization among all of your Google devices
· It supports all of your Google applications and their services
· It helps in your Google account management

Hence these are the major benefits of Google account manager. Now, have a look on how to download the Google Account Manager APK.


How To Do Google Account Manager APK Download


Usually, Google by default provides the Google Account manager services in its Android version. The official APK file is not available in the Google play store. That is why it is recommended to download it from the third-party app stores or websites. Once you download the app, you can easily bypass the FRP protection in your phone. This will help you to sell your phone to your acquaintance and the other person will be able to use it without worrying about the authentication process. To do this, you’ll need to disable the FRP in your phone. Here’s how.

· Navigate to the phone settings
· Select Accounts and then select Google
· Tap on Remove account at the bottom

Once you have removed the Google account from your device, you’ll have to factory reset it in order to make it completely new for another user. To do this,

· Go to phone settings and then select Advanced
· Select Reset and then select Erase all data (Factory Reset)
· Confirm the process and then again do it by tapping on the Erase everything button

Hence, you’ll be able to factory reset your device without any difficulty. For more information on Google Account Manager APK Download & its functionality, you can reach out to the Google customer services and get the proper assistance.


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