Google Drive Not Working | Not Responding | Not Opening

Google Drive Not Working

How to fix an error when a Google Drive is not working fine? Get the basic tutorial:

Google drive is one of the most important services in terms of storing multiple filed together. It is a great Google service mixed with the Google account to perform the task of downloading and storing the files in the Google drive instantly. At this, in case you face an error and you are not able to download or store files from the Google Drive you must have to go to the Google document to get the final cause of the issue and thus get the final result to obtain a solution in no time.

Cause of Google drive is not working:

It is most important to understand the cause of the issue that’s because Google Drive could not be working for several reasons and this is why just identify the way of resolving issue instantly.

 1. Google Drive is not connecting with internet.

 2. Google Drive is not Syncing.

3. Back and sync procedure is not working.

4. Unable to open and much more.

So if your Google drive is not working fine for one above mentioned causes you may get the realistic process to find out the solution in no time. For the solution immediately contact tech support team of Google Drive customer service that helps to get the issue fixed in no time.

Google Drive is Not Responding

Here are the steps when Google Drive is not responding:

 1. First of all, turn on your mobile device and go to the Google drive application.

 2. Select the file to use and move to the next procedure.

 3. Check out the Sync and back up option is working fine or not.

 4. If you are not able to Sync and back your stored file you can move to the settings.

 5. Select the restart and back up option and press on the stored files.

 6. You can check out the original file which is no longer in Google Drive.

 7. Go to the manual button and press Sync file go tough the on-screen instructions.

 8. Select the back and sync file and save them on your Google account or in your device instantly.

 9. Having completed the task click on the done button at the end of the procedure.

Google Drive Customer Service

If you are still getting an error and you don’t know what to do, you can instantly approach techies who are quite expert in the Google drive customer service to offer the relative solution in no time. Customer service is allowed to utilize phone call, email, chat, and live support to resolve a number of problems in no time. So not to get panic, as you can contact tech support team to get the issue fixed in a jiffy


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