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Is Google play not working? Try these effective solutions

Google Play Store is a platform where users can download unlimited applications. It is an inbuilt application in an Android and the same offers ultimate features to the users. Despite having the great features, sometimes, Google Play Store stops responding and Google Play not working became viral. However, there is no definite guide or books which offer the solutions. But, here you will get some tips and tricks to resolve such issue.

Configure Date and Time in proper order

If the date and time are not configured properly, then Google Play won’t work and this is one of the basic causes of this issue. To fix the same, go through the steps listed beneath.

  • Open Settings on Android
  • Scroll down the page and tap on ‘Date and Time’.
  • In this section, you will get various options; tap on ‘Automatic date and time’ and toggle the radio button in off mode.
  • Now, Set the date and time and after doing this, open Google Play and check the issue.

Clear Caches of Google Play

  • Open Settings on your Android device.
  • Tap on Apps/Application Manager
  • Now, tap on ‘All Apps’ and then navigate to the Google Play Store. After finding the same, tap on it.
  • In the Google Play Store page, you will find ‘Clear Caches’ button; tap on it and wipe out all the caches of Google Play.

However, if you face any difficulty attempting to do the task, then dial on Google Play Customer Service Number. The geeks will help you and will do the task on your behalf so that you can access the features of Google Play in an efficient manner.

Remove Google Account and Add it again

  • Open Settings on Android and tap on Accounts.
  • In the ‘Account’ field you will get a list of available accounts, tap on Google.
  • Now, tap on ‘more’ button symbolized with three vertical dots and select ‘Remove Account’.

Reinstall Google Play

  • Open Settings on your Android device, scroll down the page and tap on ‘Security and fingerprints’.
  • In this page, you will get few options, select ‘Device administrators’ and then tap on ‘Android Device Manager’.
  • In the Device Manager page, you will get few options, leave all these and tap on ‘Deactivate’ button.
  • Now, go back to the Application Manager and select ‘Google Play Store’.
  • Here, you will get an option ‘Uninstall Updates’ tap on it.
  • Thereafter, open any app which requires Google Play Store and then you will be prompted to update Google Play Store, update the same.

If the issue Google Play not working, still persists then disable the VPN. Sometimes this feature conflict with the Google Play and due to the same, it stops responding. To fix the same, go through the process listed beneath.

Disable VPN

  • Open Settings on your Android and tap on ‘Network’.
  • Select VPN from the list of features and turn it off.

Now, launch Google Play and this time it will work smoothly. However, if all fails, then dial on Google Play Customer Service Number. The geeks will offer the comprehensive solution to this issue. The number is open for 24*7, so you can reach anytime.


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