How Do I Fix the Roku Error Code 016

You can stream unlimited videos through an internet connection by using the Roku device but sometimes you might face trouble while watching a video or launching a channel or get an error code on the TV screen, you don’t need to worry about these problems. You need to understand the basic requirements to use the latest technology and then you will be able to use the service without facing problems. One of the common problems with Roku is discussed here. You can read and fix the problem quickly.

If you have set up your Roku device with your TV and the WIFI but you are not able to use it and facing Roku Error Code 016 or you are getting the same error code while trying to connect the Roku device with the router through WIFI, you can fix this problem easily if you know the reason of this problem.

Reasons & Solution for Error Code 016 Roku


This error will occur if you are launching a channel and the internet or network connection has been lost or disconnected and sometimes due to weak signals or connections. You can fix this problem by using the tips given below:

Ø Check the internet connection if it is working fine or not. You can check any other device which is connected with the same network to identify whether it is a problem with the internet or Roku.

Ø Check all the connections (wires and WIFI) within TV, Roku, and the Router device, and restart the router and the Roku device.

Ø Go to the Setup connections on the Roku device and then you need to follow the onscreen instructions to reconnect the WIFI with the Roku if the previous connection has failed.

Ø Keep the Roku and router device with the range WIFI signals so that the Roku device can give you the best experience without an error code.


If you are able to solve the problem with the internet connection and increase the signal strength of the WIFI signals by moving the router towards Roku device, you don’t need to worry about Error Code 016 Roku while launching a channel.

If you are not able to fix this problem by using the given instructions, you should contact the Roku customer by dialing their phone number and once you are in touch with the technician over the phone, you will get further help by elaborating your concern.




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