How to block ads on Google Chrome ?

Google have always done a great job about keeping its users safe from suspicious and malicious content floating on internet. Google Chrome web browser is one of their great and secured services which is safe to surf internet and to download content.

Whenever we surf internet on Chrome browser, we get numerous ads on different websites promoting unauthorized content and sometimes if we click on it by mistake we may get in trouble by downloading harmful components without any intention. There are so many people who have asked me how to block ads on Chrome as there are millions of websites which bring a giant flood of ads that thrashes a user’s browsing experience. Following is the basic solution to this and you may follow the steps to do so.


To avoid pop ups in Chrome

  • Move your cursor to the upper right corner in Chrome window, click on the three vertical dots icon “Chrome menu”.

  • Click on “Settings”.

  • In the Search settings field, type "Popups" .

  • Click on “Content settings”.

  • Under Popups, it should be “Blocked”.

  • If it shows “Allowed”, click on “Popups”.

  • Click on the toggle switch to turn it (toggle button can be seen just next to “Allowed”)

This can block popup ads on Chrome and you can enjoy surfing without inappropriate, unwanted silly ads on your screen. But there are a whole lot of websites which circulate more than 10 banner ads on a single page and this popup blocker in Chrome is unable to stop them as they are proper advertisements, not just popups.

To stop viewing such ads while you browse the internet on Chrome, Google allows you to enable some useful extensions that you can add to Chrome. Such extensions can help you having clean, safe and secure internet surfing experience. If you are frustrated with getting slow loading of pages due to loads of ads on the page, you may ask for help by calling Google Chrome helpline number. Or you can download one of the very best ad blocking extensions, “AdBlock” is the one most users use.

To add this extension in Chrome, you may follow the below mentioned steps to block ads on google chrome : 

  • Launch Google Chrome.

  • Open Chrome web store in Chrome browser.

  • Type “ad block” in “Search the store”.

  • Three extensions will be there in result.

  • Click on “ADD TO CHROME”.

  • A popup will come up and click on “Add”

  • It will install the extension in Chrome.

Once it is done, ads will not appear on the pages while surfing.


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