How to Change Google Account on Android Phone?

Change Google Account on Android Phone

There comes a time or situations where you’d need to switch your gmail account in your android phone. Situations like you have made a new gmail account and stopped using the old one. Unfortunately, your gmail account has been hacked and you are not able to get it back. You have forgotten the password and you have tried everything to recover your password but you could not make it work so you made a new account. Here we’ll discuss how to change google account on android phone without factory reset.

So now you won’t need to worry before selling your phone, giving it away or if you are having any trouble in using Play Store. All these errors can be solved if you change or remove Google account from your android device synced to various apps like Google maps, play Store etc. It is essential to remove your personal data from phone before giving it to someone else personally. Google maps have your locations history, gmail has your emails, Google photos has your photos ever since you opened the account with Play Store. Now, you can remove your data and remove Google accounts from all these apps one by one. I think this could take you 3-4 hours to remove your details completely out of the phone. Following are the guidelines on how to change Google account on android phone quick and easily.

Change in Google Account settings

  • Go to settings

  • Tap on Accounts

  • Now from the list select Google Accounts.

  • Tap on Menu

  • Finally tap on Remove Account

  • And login with different account

There is a whole lot of people who wanted to remove or change their Gmail accounts synced with the devices. These people can simply follow the below mentioned steps to completely remove their old account and log in with the new one.

Remove and change Gmail/Google account from system folder:

  • Simply go to File Manager/ File Browsing App or any files browsing app you have in your android phone.

  • Swipe up and try to find “System folder” it can be find as Data folder in some devices.

  • Go to Data folder and then tap on System folder.

  • Here you’d need to find the file named as “accounts.db”.

  • Delete it.

  • “accounts.db” file would not be there in some devices.

  • In such situations follow these steps.

  • Find and go to Data folder.

  • Tap on System folder.

  • Tap on Sync.

  • Find the file named as “account.xml”.

  • Delete it.

  • Restart your device.

  • And log into Play Store with your new or any other different gmail account.

This way you can remove your Google account from your device and now you can log in with another Google account of yours to use and enjoy different Google apps and services in your device.

It is not a big deal to perform this operation, no matter what your purpose of changing your google account. Some people change their Google accounts from their phone because they want to use their phone with a fresh new point. For that they can hard reset their phones. Some people go to the care centre but they’d only do the same thing(Hard reset) which will surely remove all of your data and you can lose your contacts, saved notes, music, photos and videos.

Here we can discuss another guideline on how to change google account on android phone.

  • Restart your phone.

  • Go to data/system folder.

  • Tap and hold the accounts.db file for more options.

  • Select Rename.

  • Rename the file name from accounts.db to accounts.db.old

  • This will help you to make a backup of the file.

  • Restart your device.

  • Once it is back on, open a Google oriented app like Google Maps.

  • It will ask you to register for a new Google account or login using any other Google account.

And the operation of changing the primary account in phone is done here.


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