How to fix Google Adsense Sign Up Not Working?

Better Understanding of the Google Adsense Sign Up Process and Problems -

Google does not disclose any clues as to what they need to approve a new AdSense account. All you can do is try to reach certain criteria before submitting your Google AdSense application. You can also refer to the tips we've collected and synthesized after years of making money with AdSense, similar to a list of aspects that Google employees will check before approving Google AdSense accounts. In case of the complication of google adsense not working or as a whole google adsense sign up not working you will need the support from the professionals.


1. Register a top-level domain


In the past, people were able to sign up for an AdSense account with sites with free subdomains like BlogSpot, Weebly, etc. Google still approves sites with subdomains, but you have to make sure that Your site has good content, nice design, easy navigation.

It's really hard to make websites with subdomains fit the standard of AdSense. Google has banned some sites offering subdomains like, So, invest a small fee to buy a top-level domain, just like WP Basic did. Domains with .com, .net, .org, .in, com, etc. are domain names. To understand why google adsense not working, you will have to know more.

Here's an example to understand the difference between a subdomain and a top-level domain:

Subdomain (free) -

Top-level domain -

Register a top-level domain from GoDaddy or NameCheap . Here are some important things you need to consider before buying a domain name to make a blog / website sign up for Google AdSense :

Do not use the word hack, crack, download ... on your domain.

Avoid copyright infringement. You should not use another's name on the domain.


2. Compact design and easy navigation


Your website may have good content, but each one is not enough to guarantee 100% you will successfully sign up for Google AdSense unless it is well designed and easy to navigate.

If you want to earn money from your website seriously, then consider investing some money into designing the interface. Users WordPress may choose to use premium themes to achieve the best quality. If your budget is limited, you can buy a theme from MyThemeShop.

Make sure you find a professional interface with good navigation capabilities. And do not forget to create a logo for it. It will help to resolve google AdSense sign up not working.


3. Submit web pages to search engines


Surely when building a website, you always want people to find it easily. Search engines are where people find your site in the simplest way. All you need to do is send your sitemap to search engines like Google or Bing, through Webmaster Tools.

And you also need to make sure Google indexes your site before submitting your AdSense application. The simplest way to do this is to type " site: " into Google Search and check for any results from your site. Sometimes Google takes a week or more to index your site. If you already have certain backlinks, your site will be indexed faster. Linking articles on the site also makes bots searchable for indexing pages. When google adsense sign up not working or as a whole google adsense not working this is something that you will learn to do.


4. Connect your site to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools


Analytics and Webmaster Tools are two great Google tools. Google Analytics provides detailed statistics about your site. Meanwhile, Webmaster Tools provides a detailed report on the visibility of your site on Google Search. Make sure your site is linked to these two tools before submitting your application.


5. Post new and unique content


This is the most important part. You must generate a fair amount of fresh, unique content before submitting your AdSense application. Google does not require excessive amounts of content, but content quality is good. Some bloggers successfully sign up for Google AdSense with only 20 to 30 articles, while some do not get approved with over 100 posts.

Quality content is extremely important. They are well-developed and well-researched investments. You should avoid free offering of copyrighted products and download links of illegal products. Do not copy content from other sites, including cached copy. Your posts should have more than 500 words.

AdSense prohibits the following: copyrighted content; adult content; hack, crack and other related content; gambling, casino, alcohol and related content; all illegal content. In case of the google adsense signup not working you will need to keep this in mind.


6. Remove other ad networks


It's not a bad idea to try some alternative AdSense ads when you cannot sign up successfully. But please remove them before submitting your application again. While Google allows you to use other ad networks in parallel with AdSense, it creates a bad impression on the review team if your site is full of ads from other networks, making them feel no longer. Good placement for AdSense. Before the google adsense signup you will need the best support now.


7. Create important pages


There are a number of pages needed to provide a better user experience. Google always focuses on the user experience. Most new bloggers forget to create these pages. They did not know they made a good impression on the AdSense review team.


Privacy Policy ( Privacy Policy)

According to the Adsense TOS , you must have a page privacy policy contains information about cookies, device information, location information and other information collection sites and save data. So, create a privacy policy page for your site today.



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