How to fix Google chrome not working in Ubuntu Issues?

Now with rich support to untangle your Google chrome not Working in ubuntu has been explained below :

Google Chrome is an advanced browser which offers ultimate features to the users. It supports various Operating Systems such as Ubuntu , Windows, Mac, Android and considerably more. Hence, users can access the same in any OS.


However, most of the users reported an issue “Google Chrome not working in Ubuntu”. There are many causes behind this and solution too varies. To get the perfect solution, you need to filter the issues and then go for the solution.


Troubleshooting steps to fix Google Chrome not working in Ubuntu


Identify the Issue

First and foremost, try to access another browser in Ubuntu, to detect the problem. This process will let you know where the problem is either; it is from the OS or from the Google Chrome not working in ubuntu.


Clear Browsing Data

If another browser is working fine in Ubuntu, then clear the caches and browsing history from the browser. To do the same, open Google Chrome and click on the Menu, symbolized with the vertical dots, located at the top of the page. Under the same, select More tools and from the drop-down page of the same, select Clear Browsing Data. This will take you to another page and here, select the fields browsing history, cookies, and other site data, cached images, and files. After selecting all these, click Clear Data. It will resolve your issue google chrome not working in ubuntu.


Extensions Issue

If the problem persists, then open Incognito Mode and check whether Google Chrome is working in Ubuntu or not. If it is working fine, then the problem is at the end of the Extensions. To remove the same, Launch Google Chrome and click on the Menu button to reach the More Tools section and under the same, select Extensions. Now select the Extensions and click Delete.


Call for an Action - Google Chrome not working in Ubuntu or any other browser?


On the off chance, if still interfacing an issue, then dial on Google Chrome Helpline Number for the comprehensive assistance. The techies are certified by the Google and they have in-depth knowledge of the issues. The team provides the solution in a quick span of time.



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