How To Fix Google Chrome Not Working Issue?

Google chrome is a browser which is used widely due to its effective results. The browser is compatible with all the devices and operating systems. It is installed almost on all the devices.

Although it is prominently used browser by the internet users but there are times when some issues are faced. The issues related to chrome result in not responding, not working, crashing or freezing. In order to resolve the issues of Google Chrome Not Working, a user can try out some of the below mentioned fixes and troubleshooting steps:

Here is the list of fixes for Google Chrome Not Responding

  • The foremost thing for the proper working of Google chrome is internet connectivity. If the internet connection is slow or not working, the issue will come up. The connectivity of the internet can be simply checked by browsing the website. If the page is not displaying the content, it means the issue is with the internet. To resolve it, the internet service provider should be contacted.
  • There are times when the browser is not closed properly and the reason is background processes. To close all the process, the task manager of the system can be used and the processes can be ended as per requirement.
  • The extensions of Google chrome might be causing the issue. In order to check it, the user can try disabling the extensions of the browser. Once the extensions are disabled, a user can check the working of Google chrome browser.
  • The issue of Google Chrome Not Responding can be resolved by using chrome malware scanner for deleting the virus from the chrome browser.
  • The issue might get resolved by simply restarting the device as restarting will all the processes.
  • By resetting the chrome browser, the issue might get resolved as the settings will go to default.
  • To resolve the issue, user should remove incompatible and unused software and applications from the system.
  • If nothing works, the user can try uninstalling the Google Chrome browser from the system by deleting all the files related to chrome. Once it is uninstalled, it can be reinstalled by downloading it again from the internet.


To get help related to the issues and queries of Google, the technical support of Google can be contacted. The technical person can be contacted by dialing the phone number, writing an email or using the option of live chat support. They are well-trained to provide the appropriate solution for the issues like google chrome not responding or any technical issues. They can be reached using the contact info available on the official Google website.


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