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How to fix Google Pixel Camera Not Working?

Camera is the most important part of any phone. At the same time, the camera should be of better pixels so that it can capture best quality pictures. Choosing any smart phone also includes the camera feature too because now a days every smart phone user wants to click each and every special moments and if camera is good then the it becomes more fun in taking pictures. Google pixel camera is an another innovation from Google. This camera is an app that is developed by Google. Earlier this app was supported by almost every Android phone but now Google has officially declared that Google pixel camera is only for Nexus and Pixel. Google pixel camera has 12.3 mega pixel rear camera that is quite higher quality.


What can be the reasons for Google Pixel camera not working?

Google pixel camera has amazing picture quality but it happens many times that after using it for a longer period, you may find that google pixel camera not working. Now this problem may happen due to many reasons. 
  • dirty lens
  • may be all the apps are not working
  • may be the cache is full
  • may be the problem is with the phone like short of memory or storage space etc.
  • any other reason that pixel camera not working.


What are the possible solutions for the issue of Google Pixel camera not working?

So , as there can be many reasons that the pixel camera not working, one can go for few troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue. These steps are easy to implement and may the camera get back to work. So here we go !
  1. First, check out the lens. It get dirty by the time. So some cleaning is required. Take a soft cloth and wipe the lens. Try to take the picture and test weather the camera is now working fine.
  2. If not still working , then restart the phone. Many time restarting the phone resolves many issues. After starting, check the camera again.
  3. If the problem is still there, go to Settings.
  4. Then go to Apps and Notifications.
  5. Select Camera and then tap on Storage and finally tap on Clear Cache. Check out the camera again.
  6. If still problem persists, Update the camera app.
  7. Check all other apps weather they are working or not. 
  8. Try to do Factory Reset and before doing that , take the necessary back up.
  9. Try to access the phone in Safe Mode.


You can reach us any time to get instant solution for the issue of Google Pixel camera not working:

If the issue is still existing, and google pixel camera not working then contact at the Google Technical Support Phone Number.This is a 24/7 available service and expert technicians are always present to provide the effective guidance. You can also contact to the app developer if possible to get the another effective suggestions or guidance. The technicians are experienced and they are capable to resolve the issue in a very minimum time so person can get the immediate help.


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