How to fix Ymail Not Working issue? | Ymail Not Responding | Ymail Not Opening

How to fix Ymail Not working issue?

Emailing is the most common way of communicating these days. Person from any profession is using an emailing service for his day to day communication. Thousands of emailing services has been emerged in the last few decades. Yahoo mail is one among those who has gained huge popularity among people around the globe. This is because Yahoo has everything that a person need from personal to professional level. Yahoomail has various plans which user can choose according to his choice. It depends upon personal. business plan , common plan or advertisement free plan etc. 

In Yahoomail, user can get the provision to customize the inbox, with different folders for social, personal and professional emails. He can attach signature of his choice to make the email look more attractive and informative as well. The Yahoomail provides huge storage space and thus user can send and receive as many emails as he wish to , with any number of attachments. Yahoo mail is configurable with any smart phone weather android or ios. Thus user can have his Yahoomail connected or configured with the cloud. 
Ymail is Yahoomail. User can have domain like Yahoo, Yahoomail, Ymail, rocketmail etc. All are same things. All of them has similar features and facilities so that user can work as well as enjoy with Yahoo. While working on Yahoo, or Ymail, user may face issues like Ymail Not Working.

There can be many reasons for that, as :

  • May be the internet is not working fine ! 
  • May be Ymail server itself is down.
  • May be user has forgotten his account password.
  • May be It is not working in any smart phone due to configuration issues
  • Any other reason

If user finds that Ymail not responding then it can be due to any of the above mentioned issue then there are various methods to recover from that problem. Here one of the issue is discussed in brief.

  1. Open the login page.
  2. Click on the link Forgot Password?
  3. Enter your Ymail id.
  4. Then enter the code given there in box provided.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Choose one of the option to receive the notification for password reset. Either alternate email id or phone number or answer the security question.
  7. Follow the instructions after receiving the notification.
  8. Reset the new password and login again.

Another issue that Ymail not opening in iphone or android phone, is discussed below.

  1. If the account is already added in the phone, then check out for the incoming and outgoing server settings.
  2. The incoming server is and outgoing mail server is
  3. Make sure that SSL is turned ON.
  4. The outgoing port is 587 and incoming port is 993.
  5. If all the settings are correct and still Ymail is not working then just remove the account completely and try to add it again.
If still user is finding problem that Ymail not opening, then user can contact the customer service for Ymail. The service is 24/7 available and user can contact through email, phone or live chat session. The experienced technicians are always present to help users in every possible way.


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