How to fix YouTube Network Error 503?

YouTube users often face “YouTube network error 503” while watching videos on their Android and iOS devices. This mostly happens when they try to access videos from their Watch Later list in their YouTube app. Also, the comments and video description features doesn’t work with the videos that are affected by error 503.

Another thing about this issue is that when the users try to access the video from any other regular search options such as web search or from their web browser, the video plays absolutely fine without showing any error. This article will show you all the possible reasons that cause this YouTube issue and their solutions.

Factors That Causes YouTube Problem With Network 503

Following are all the possible and common factors that affect YouTube for showing error 503 messages.

· Connection timeout
· Corrupted cached data
· Playlist queue is too long
· The server is too busy or down.
· Site Maintenance

How To Fix YouTube Network Error 503?

You can follow the instructions from any of the methods mentioned below to rectify your YouTube error 503 in very short time.

Method 1: Clear YouTube’s Cache data

· In your Android or Apple phone, go to the phone settings.
· Now go to the Apps section and scroll through the apps that are installed into your device until you see YouTube app.
· Now tap on the YouTube app and no you have accessed the YouTube App Info.
· Tap on the Storage option and look for the option that says Clear Data and tap on it.
· This will clear all the YouTube’s cache data and will reset your entire YouTube app’s browsing history as well as any other previous data.
· Restart the YouTube application and the issue should be resolved now.

Method 2: Reset APN settings to default

If you are still facing the YouTube Network Error 503 issue on your phone then follow the next method mentioned below to resolve the issue by setting the APN settings to the default.

· In your android or iPhone, go to the phone settings section.
· Scroll to the Mobile Data and select your active data connection.
· Now tap on the Access Point Names to access the APN setting in your phone.
· Once you have reached inside the APN settings, click on the “Three Dot Button”.
· Now tap on the “Reset To Default” option and restart your phone.


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