How to fix YouTube not Working on Chrome?

Is your YouTube not working on Google Chrome? Here are the various ways to fix YouTube not responding :


When you open your Google Chrome internet browser, you can have better access to everything like Gmail, YouTube, Hotmail, Internet banking and much more. But a major issue always creates with your Google internet browser and you unable to do anything. You are at the best place where you will learn few good ideas to do, when YouTube is not working in chrome.

At this, you need to check out the YouTube services from the Google and you need to know something creative to get the issue fixed in no time. Most of the time when someone does not get the sufficient internet connection then it might be the cause of not working YouTube internet connection.

By this way, if you are using Google Chrome on a Mac computer then there are a number of reasons why your YouTube is not working in chrome fine listed down.

Reasons Why Youtube not Working in Chrome -

--> Cause could be outdated chrome browser

If you are using Outdated Google Chrome then you need to check the settings of your YouTube as it may cause the issue. So this is absolutely right that outdated browsers are not able to effectively use the speed or security measures of the recent technologies and as result issues occurred.

· To fix the issue you need to open your Google chrome on your computer.

· Open the menu and click the settings.

· You need to go to the about Google where you can search everything.

· Select the YouTube and press fix button at the end of the procedure.

--> Cause occurred with your Cookies problem

If you are having internet service but unable to use because of storing the information, your browser internet cache or data might interfere which you have to delete soon. So you need to delete the cache and cookies file to start the service of the YouTube.

· Go to the history of the Google internet browser and then select the cookies and cache file.

· Go to the settings and press advanced system to check other unnecessary data.

· Press remove button after selecting the time and date and press continue button.

· Having completed the tasks you can click on the done button and use internet service eventually.

--> Cause of Problems with internet connection

Sometime the users can face issues with the internet service due to traffic of the data and YouTube is not working on Google Chrome. If you are using mobile internet connection and having same issue then to resolve it disconnect from the network you are using. You need to switch off your device and reset your internet connection and then turn on your device and try playing the videos again.

Instant Solution For Youtube Not Working Issues :

· To fix this issue you need to go to the internet settings from where have to need to reset the internet service.

· Go to the cache and cookies option and press on the remove button.

· Click on the Extension and plugin conflict if you have selected then click on the off button.

· Now go to the cookies and other option and press the delete button at the end of the procedure.

In case, you are still having an issue and you are not able to fix and looking for the assistance then you are completely free to make a call at Google chrome helpline number which is available at all the time to get the issue fixed within a short span of the time.


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