How to reset Hotmail Password?

Hotmail password reset support

Hotmail is the first web service which was designed by Microsoft so that people can communicate and share their files with each other. With Hotmail, person can easily send and receives emails, documents, presentations, photos etc. With the advanced version till date, Hotmail has become much more user friendly and technically effective. The new Hotmail is full of features that help in making the account more customize. It can be connected directly to various social networking web sites and to all the web services of Microsoft. User can add this account to any of the email client applications or can be added to any of the smart phone. With Hotmail, one can also go for video conferencing and can look and discuss various reports and presentations too.

How to recover Hotmail password?

For every web mail service, person needs to have an email account. This account has a unique username and password. Password is the security key to the account. One having any email account is advised to save his password safely and do not share it with any one. But it may happens with time that if person had not used his account for a long time , he may forget the password or his account may get hacked and some one else is using his account or the account has been blocked by Microsoft if it noticed any suspicious activity in the account. In any of the above mentioned case, user need to reset the password to recover his account back. Here it is shown, how to reset hotmail password?

 1. Open the login page.

 2. Click on the link, Forgot Password.

 3. On the password recovery page, select the option, I forgot my password.

 4. Click Next.

 5. Now on the next page, enter the Hotmail user id.

 6. Enter the code given there in the box provided to confirm that user is not a robot. Click Next.

 7. Here, user will find few options to reset the password. Either user should select the alternate email id or a trusted phone number or answer to the security questions.

 8. Select any one of the option and follow the instructions.

 9. Reset the new password and login again.

Hotmail customer service number

It is advised that user should set the password recovery options during the time of creating the account. These are very much helpful in case the password is lost. The above process is the most common Hotmail password recovery method. If user finds that this method is not working then user should contact to any of the experts of Hotmail or Microsoft. User can contact at the Hotmail customer service. User can either send and email, or can make a call or can request for a video calling or remote access for problem solving.

Hotmail customer support 24/7

Hotmail customer service is all the time active. It is a 24/7 service. User can call at any time and executive will guide the user about any of the issue. It is the most convenient way to get the problem solved.


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