How To Uninstall Chrome On Mac

If Google Chrome is installed on your Mac device but now you are thinking to uninstall it from your system and you are wondering about How To Delete Chrome From Mac. Feel relaxed as it is a very simple process that can be performed by any one very easily. Kindly go through the information given below discussing the steps to uninstall Chrome from Mac.

How To Uninstall Google Chrome On Mac:


· First of all to make sure that Google Chrome is not running on your device you have to right click Chrome program available on Mac launch pad then tap quit close Chrome

· Open a Finder window and go to the Applications folder that is available on the left-hand side below the Favorites list

· Or you can also open file menu available on the top of the screen then click find and search for “Chrome browser”

· Right click the Chrome icon and tap Move to Trash option from the list otherwise you can also drag the Chrome icon towards the trash bin

· If Chrome is still running somewhere in the background then a Force Quit window will open at the time you are moving it to trash folder click the Force Quit window to finally move Chrome to trash

· Now to delete Chrome from your Mac permanently open the trash folder and empty it by deleting Chrome from there as well


Once you have successfully deleted Chrome browser from your Mac device and you are sure that you don’t need to install Chrome again in the near future then delete the profile information, browsing history and bookmarks of Chrome browser stored in your Mac too. Deleting all the Chrome information from your device will also allow you to install a fresh Chrome browser in your Mac afterwards.

Steps to delete Chrome profile information permanently from Mac:


· Open a Finder window and click Go from the top menu bar

· Then choose Go to folder from the drop down menu and enter the path of Library Folder of the user in the Go to Folder box i.e. Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome

· Tap enter then select all the folders and files inside the Library path you have opened

· Right click the folder you have selected to move them to trash folder or simply drag them to trash


Hopefully your issue regarding How To Uninstall Chrome On Mac is successfully resolved using the information given above.


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