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How to fix when Nexus not working ?

Google nexus is the best budget tablet which provides fantastic features to its user.It is user friendly so that,it is used by many user.It fulfill the all the latest android app version in case of any updated app.

However it provides so much qualitative features but it is not free from error,while using Nexus user may face some technical issues with it.There can be many reason why Nexus not working.You need to fix all the issue related to it.Here are some common issues given below with soution.You need a look on these steps:


Problem 1:


What to do when touchscreen is not working?

  • If you find some touch screen error after downloading an app from Google play store then you need to remove this app immediately.

  • If still any issue persist then you can return your device and ask for a replacement.

  • You need to boot your device into the safe mode.

  • For this you will have to press the power button until the screen is on  then tap on the safe mode.

  • If it works fine then you will have to remove the app which you have currently installed.

  • If you are using screen guard or screen protector then you need to remove the screen guard as well.

Problem 2:


What to do when Nexus is connecting to the computer?


  • For this you will have to enable the USB debugging on your device.

  • Then go to the settings option and press the button until you do not see the developer option.

  • Now go to the computer then select device ,here you will have to right click on it then select the properties.

  • You are required to open the  drivers option then click on the “browse my computer from driver software”.

  • Here you need to cci on the”Let me pick” and click on the USB composite device.

  • Finally ,you need to unlock the nexus device  if you have set any pin or pattern.

  • Now go to the PC ,here select the device,it will show empty screen,after pattern unlock,you will see the Nexus device on your computer.

Problem 3:


How to fix when Auto rotate is not working?


  • You need to check that if Auto rotate is turned off then you need to turn on the auto rotate.

  • For this go to the settings option then select Accessibility.

  • Here make sure Auto rotate is turned on.

  • If still ,it does not work then you will have to power of your device and start in a safe mode.

  • There may be some app which may cause problem so you need to delete that app.

  • You may use the DIY solution.

Problem 4:


What to do when you are getting Internet issue?


  • For this you need to use soft reset option then wait for some time to restart your device.

  • You will have to go to the airplane mode and make sure it is turned off.

  • You need to check sim card if you are using cellular data connection.

  • Here you need to check the access point name settings ad go to the wireless network settings.

If you still experience any issue then you do not need to be more panic,you just need to take support from Google nexus customer service.Google nexus provides highly efficient technician for resolving all the issues related to it.They will solve all the issues related to it.



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