Ways to fix Gmail Error 101

Are you unable to load your Gmail mailbox? Or are your emails not opening? If yes, then you are facing the Gmail Error 101. The error is usually caused because of connection issues in the Gmail server. Other reasons can be failed operations and server issues. If you want to fix these errors then you can use the ways given in this blog and resolve the error.


Here are the solution for Gmail Error 101 -


Restart device

The easiest way to solve the error is to restart your device. After you reboot your device your Gmail will also restart and this will solve the minor issues it might be facing. If you are using Gmail on phone then you can long press the power key to reboot phone. If you are using Gmail on computer then you can click the shutdown option.



The main reason of Gmail Error code 101 is connectivity issue. So to solve it you need to make sure that your internet connectivity is strong. If your internet connection will be poor it can stop Gmail from loading. To check this you can try to open few pages on your web browser. If they do not open then you can turn off data connection and turn it on after some time. You can also turn on airplane mode.


Clear cache and cookies

You can also clear the cache and cookies of Gmail and you browser. Whenever we browse, our browser saves cache. This cache can cause issues and interrupt the working of Gmail. Therefore to prevent this you can delete these cache and cookies. To delete it follow the below steps:

  • Open the settings option
  • Select ‘Advanced’ option from there.
  • Select ‘Privacy and Settings’ tab.
  • Now select ‘Clear browsing data’ option
  • A window will open.
  • Select ‘cookies and other site data’ and ‘cached image and files’ checkbox.
  • Now tap the clear data option.
  • This will delete the cache and cookies.


Remove malware

It is also possible that malware are causing issues. So make sure you remove all the malware and also run an antivirus program. Virus can disturb the working of Gmail and can cause server issue. So make sure there are no viruses on your system.


Update Gmail

You can also update your Gmail app. Sometimes if the app is outdated then it can create problems in its working. So make sure your app is updated to the latest version. You can update the app by going to the play store.


If the Gmail Account Error 101 persists and does not resolve then you can contact the customer service center of Gmail. They are technically trained and professional people. They can provide you reliable solutions to fix your Gmail Error 101. You can call them on the toll free number and get your issue solved.


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