Why Google Play Store not working on android ?

Solve google play store not working on android device issues with these mentioned steps!!


Google play store is one of the most used product of Google as all the applications including games, music, videos etc can be downloaded and installed in it with the use of Google play store. All the android devices have google play store already installed on their devices so that the users can easily open it and further can download their favorite games and other items for their use.


On the other hand, there are various issues concerning google play store and its services that disables the user in utilizing it. There are several common issues that occurs every now and then such as Google play store not working on android issues. In this particular issue the google play store doesn’t work and makes it difficult for the user to download and install applications from it.


Therefore, so as to solve this issue there are various troubleshooting steps that the user may undertake and also they can directly make a call on the google play store customer care number and can take the help from the concerned representatives. This number can be dialed at any time and the user can seek the best possible answers for all their queries.


Furthermore, to solve this issue the user can follow the below mentioned steps :


First of all the user need to check whether its a user-end problem or not. They can get to know about this by visiting the Google support page and can read for other user's complaint. If many user have the same issue then it means that there is something wrong in Google itself.

If it's not a user end issue and the problem is in the user's google play store, then the user should simply force close the application and should again restart it after some time.

If still this issue continue, then the user should make their device on the airplane mode and should wait for few minutes.

The user should then restart their device and should check whether the issue is solved or not.


Therefore, with the use of the above mentioned troubleshooting steps the user can solve their Google play store not working on android issues within no time. These steps will totally help the user in solving this issue and further they can continue with their work on google play.


Besides, if still these steps doesn’t help the user in solving their issues, then they may simply dial the google play store customer care number at any hour of the day. The expert representatives will help the user in providing more brief answers for this particular issue.


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