Why Hangouts Not working? | Not responding

Why Hangouts not working properly?


One can experience many issues with their hangouts application. When users start facing these issues, they need to immediately fix them for being able to continuously use the app. However, Google development team is aware of certain bugs that are found creating issues on this famous application, every now and then. This team is also working to fix these bugs so that worldwide hangouts users can keep on enjoying the app. Though, until then, users can try troubleshooting the application, the internet connection, and hardware or software set up at their end. Then again, they call up the online Google technical support service to fix hangouts not working issue, if they find themselves unable to resolve the problem.


Hangouts not responding may occur beacuse of following Issues:


  1. Internet Issues – for enjoying uninterrupted calls on Google Hangouts, you and your partner must have stable and strong connection to the web. If you face issues with your internet connectivity, you need to test it via using online speed test tools. You can also test the internet connection via running different online applications. If you find your internet connection interrupted, you can try rebooting the router to fix the problem. If you are connected to a wired network, reduce the number of devices connected to your network. Else, you can connect to the Wi-Fi to get rid of the problem. If you continue to face issues with your internet connection, either call up your internet service provider or seek on-call assistance from online Google technicians on Hangouts not responding issue.


  1. Browser Issues – if you start facing hangouts issues, it may be your browser at default you are running your application with. Try running hangouts on a different browser to check if this is the reason for hangouts not working problem. If this is so, consider uninstalling and reinstalling your browser. You can also delete browser’s temporary data cache or disable an unnecessary extension. Via following these steps, you can reset various aspects of your browser and remove codes that are interfering with Google Hangouts application.


  1. Hardware & Software Issues – when Hangouts calls start dropping, time is to check if your microphone and webcam are properly connected to your PC/Laptop. If there is another program that is using your webcam and microphone at the same time as Google hangouts, shut them down at once. If you have installed an anti-virus and firewall application on your system, make sure that hangout is listed as a trusted tool with these software programs. If it is not, correct the settings inside these software programs so that Google hangouts can use the Internet freely. If Hangouts not responding problem still persists contact an online technician immediately.


Google support number to fix Hangouts not working issue

These are few simple steps that can get you rid of the Hangouts issues. However, seeking prompt and precise support from online Google certified technicians is also a sure shot method to avoid hangout issues in just no time. For finding right technician online, you can conduct a bit research on the Internet.


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