Google Pixel

Google Pixel Customer Support Number 

Pixel phones from Google are highly advanced devices. They have many wonderful features and useful applications in a row to help you do a lot more with your smartphone. Though, there are times when your Google Pixel phone gets out of order. Under this circumstance, you need to seek technical support to get your phone back on track. There are several methods to approach the Google Pixel technical support. Let’s find out all these means here. 

Reacch Google Pixel Technical Support

 1. Support from Google

 2. Support from regional service centers

 3. Support from online technical support services

Google Pixel Support Number

There are many ways through which you can contact the technical staff at Google to share with them issues with your Pixel handset.

You can:

 1. Get help on Twitter by tweeting your Pixel device’s technical problems to @MadeByGoolge

 2. Seek expert’s support on Google Pixel community forum

 3. Request a call from an expert at Google’s Pixel Preferred Care team. Though, the Google Pixel technical support is only available for Pixel 2 smartphone exclusively for US and Canada residents only.

 4. This means that if you have bought the phone in any other location, you cannot avail on-call assistance from Google Pixel Preferred Care team. 

Google Pixel Customer service

On the internet or Google’s Pixel support page, you will find an elaborated list of regional service centers. Pick the one near you to get your cellular device back on track. While considering this option, you need to leave your device at a local service center where expert technicians will fix issues with your mobile phone. However, you might have to wait for few hours to several days in order to fix your phone’s issues.

Google Pixel Support from third party experts

Online Google Pixel technical support is prompt and technicians working with them can fix your issues with your Pixel device in a matter of few minutes. You can call up their Google Pixel customer support number to seek live technical assistance on your Pixel issues. What’s more, unlike manufacturer’s on-call assistance that is reserved only for US and Canada residents; online tech support on Google Pixel is available for one and all from across the globe. You can reach their Google Pixel customer support number anytime, form anywhere and have an expert on call to give you expert troubleshooting tips on one of your Google Pixel smartphone problems