Google Play Customer Support Phone Number

Google Play Customer Support Number

If you recently acquired an Android mobile, you may have been sitting and wondering what Google Play is for a size. Google Play, despite the perhaps misleading name, is a store. This is where you download virtually all apps for your mobile and it can be either free or against payment. Getting support through Google play customer service number can help you in resolving any issues with your Google Play Store.

Google Play Customer Service Number

What can I get through Google Play?

Google Play is the place you’re using as an Android user, for example, to have new apps on your mobile or tablet. Here you will find all the apps released for Android, and it alternates as mentioned between free and paid apps. Call Google play customer support number in case you face any technical issue with your Google Play Store.

However, apps are not the only thing you can download through Google Play. It is also here that you buy or rent movies, music and books. Downloading movies and music from Google Play is easy and fast.

Google Play Support Number

Google Play Store Issues and Their Solutions

There may occur few issues while using the Google Play and the most commonly faced issue is Google Play Store not working. The best way to get support is by calling on Google play customer support number and talking with experts about solutions for your issues.

User complaint for frozen Play Store, crashed Google Play Store or they are unable to download the apps. These issues can be fixed easily by following the below mentioned steps:

Clear Google Play Store Cache and Data:

Open Settings-> Apps-> Google Play Store. Tap the “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” button.

Remove the Google account linked with the Play Store:

If clearing the Play Store cache and data is not enough to fix the issues, you need to remove the Google account linked with the Play Store.

 1. Go to Settings->Accounts.
 2. Tap on “Manage accounts” and choose Google.
 3. Tap the three dots and choose “Remove” option.
 4. This will remove your linked Google account with the Google Play Store.