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Why do millions of users follow hangouts customer service?

Hangouts troubleshoot by hangouts customer service:

Google Hangouts customer care team is backed by a team of highly skilled tech support professionals. It is known for its superiority in dealing with critical issues. The professionals we are talking about were hired after multi-stage skill analysis and trained by world-class trainers. Hangouts customer support engineers are instrumental in resolving a wide range of issues, and some of those issues have been mentioned below. 

Google Hangouts Customer Support

Why am I unable to send a message from my phone?

If you are facing problem in sending a message from your phone, you have to check whether your internet connection is working or not. If the internet is working correctly, you need to make sure that the data is turned on and that you have a strong signal. Are you able to send a message now? If not, hangouts customer service support team suggests to sign out of the Hangouts app and then sign back in. 

Why am I unable to send a message from my computer? 

You are likely to get a red error icon; you have server issues. Try to send your message again if you see this error. And continue trying the same step until the message is sent. As per hangouts customer service, the message may not be stored in your message history, or it may not be shown on other devices if you are getting the red icon.

Hangouts Not Working issue 

I am getting "Trying to reconnect" error

Fix the error if your computer is trying to connect to the server but it is getting an error as "Trying to reconnect." Here you will get to know the way to deal with the concerned problem. We suggest making sure that you are connected to the internet connection and the concerned domain is not blocked by your network administrator. If it doesn’t work, go for a direct conversation with the Hangouts customer support officials who are carrying strong track records.